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This Ken Robinson Speech Pushes for Personalized Curricula

 - May 8, 2012
References: sirkenrobinson & youtube
In this captivating Ken Robinson speech, one of the world's most influential thinkers and innovators in education discusses the lack of human resources in the world today. Drawing parallels between this and the climate crisis, he believes that modern society is fundamentally wasting people's talents.

The solution to this problem, he argues, lies in being able to tap into these resources -- which, like natural resources, are hidden very deep. He sees an education revolution as the only way to unveil the pool of human resources within the world.

Robinson explains how he meets two types of people every day -- those who endure what they do, and those who love what they do. He envisions a world in which everyone loves what they do.

In order to create this world, education reform must cut all ties with its linear narrative. Robinson insists on creating personalized education systems and curricula that are specifically tailored to the talents of each and every child in the world.

Life, as Robinson states, is not linear but organic, and education systems must be reflective of this.