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J.T. Allen Illustrates How a Degree Leads to Higher Earning Potential

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: articles.businessinsider & youtu.be
Entrepreneur J.T. Allen illustrates how a university education leads to higher earning potential. He believes in the benefits of a higher education, stating how it leads to greater earning rates despite of an individual's major or area of study.

Higher education prepares individuals for real life situations, acting as a beneficial communication, comprehension and learning tool that separates university graduates from those possessing only a high school diploma. Though Allen names exceptions who succeeded without an educational background, the majority of individuals greatly benefit from a college or university education, creating a crucial distinction between themselves and their peers.

In order to gain success, one must give themselves the best odds to accomplish their goals. J.T. Allen believes that higher education is the best and most accessible platform for an individual's success. He encourages youth to engage in education for it can only boost their image and aid in furthering their future.