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Conrad Wolfram Encourages a New Approach in his Computers for Math Keynote

 - May 24, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Conrad Wolfram outlines the changes that need to occur in the way math in taught in this Computers for Math keynote. The lack of interest in math in the modern school curriculum is a growing problem as the world becomes increasingly dependent on quantitative analysis.

There is a significant contrast between the way math exists in the real world and the way it exists in a classroom. Math is used by a range of various occupations from graphic artists to archaeologists to bio engineers. However, the way it is taught in schools, using pen and paper, the practical application for math gives way to the mundane way in which it is presented.

As computers become a more integral part in the way society functions, educational curriculums need to adopt them in a way that makes teaching math more compelling, creative and fun.