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Bill Drayton's Being a Changemaker Keynote Encourages New Ideas

 - Jun 4, 2012
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As mentioned by Bill Drayton in this being a changemaker keynote, prehistory society is based around efficiency and repetition. Up until very recently organizations and institutions have revolved around the model of having a few people make the big decisions, and through hierarchy, those decisions become passed down from person to person with very few opportunities to diverge from the agreed upon course of action.

Society has for so long been based on the idea of A keeps doing what it does and B keeps doing what it does and therefore the two pieces fit together. In terms of education a person will master a body of knowledge and proceed to take on a career that is directly related to said knowledge.

Recently the onus is on the ability to change, to accept change and interact with it in an open way. Organizations are forming teams of changemakers, leaders that exercise empathy, teamwork and change making. While this may in some part be destroying the previously established model of society, it is fundamental towards progress and solving contemporary issues.