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David Sacks Discusses the Benefits of Workplace Social Media

 - Mar 7, 2012
References: crunchbase & youtube
David Sacks is a highly entrepreneurially spirited individual and is recognized for his overwhelming desire to achieve success and surpass expectations. A year after graduating university, he became the COO of PayPal. Touching on his broad expertise, Sacks explores how micro-sharing capabilities allow for more efficient communication within enterprise projects.

Sacks identifies three trends within social media. To begin, he suggests that enterprise software has applied learning of consumer social networking. In other words, companies are turning to crowdsourcing more and more frequently. Secondly, Sacks reviews the incline in software to service consumerism. Programs are no longer being purchased in boxes to be installed. Software can now be installed as quick as the clock of a button.

Lastly, he reminds the audience of the overwhelming benefits of the communication side of social media. He argues that enterprise communication should take advantage of the social platforms presented to cut on independent software costs.