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Dr. Paul Root Wolpe Explores the Possibility of Genetic Manipulation

 - Feb 29, 2012
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Pioneer in the field of neuroethics and senior bioethicist at NASA Dr. Paul Root Wolpe briefly discusses the future of America in terms of synthetic biology and the potential temptation to enhance our minds in unhealthy ways. Dr. Paul Root Wolpe makes an argument for a possible future shaped by competitiveness and productivity, which we will soon be able to improve due to progress in science and technology.

According to Dr. Paul Root Wolpe, we will be able to manipulate the genetics of our offspring within the next few generations and while this has many positive effects, he says it could mean a lot more negative things. Dr. Paul Root Wolpe is of the view that every society will enhance itself to fulfill what they think are the proper goals for the individual and their role in society, which can vary from enhancements that purely focus on productivity and efficiency, while others may focus on supercharging their social skills.