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Jonah Lehrer Demonstrates How to Effectively Achieve That Aha Moment

 - Jan 24, 2012
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In this speech, author Jonah Lehrer shares why it's important to learn how to relax when trying to solve a difficult problem. Jonah Lehrer explains that relaxation is the key to solving something challenging because a relaxed frame of mind is more likely to generate that aha moment or quick instance of insight.

Lehrer provides a scientific explanation for this explaining that right before an aha moment takes place in the mind, an exceedingly obscure brain area becomes active. Scientific research has found that the only other time this part of the brain is active is during the punchline of a joke. Jonah Lehrer identifies a relaxed mind as the most useful for solving problems. While most individuals work to improve their ability to focus on the problem at hand, he suggests focusing on letting the mind wander.