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Shelby Harris Explains Why Analyzing Dreams May Be a Waste of Time

 - Feb 3, 2012
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In this intriguing and brief video seminar with sleep psychologist Shelby Harris, she reviews older models of thought from Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who believed dreams offered deep insights into a person's character in an unconscious form and shows how this may not actually be the case.

The idea that dreams may represent some kind of wish fulfillment or that they are actually trying to tell you something is one with a lot of traction, but Shelby shows that modern schools of thought center around the controversial idea that dreams are disposable and just a sign of your brain processing things that happened in the day, but with no real meaning to them; or, that they do serve a purpose but that it is not clear as to what it is. Shelby Harris tells her audience that when viewed in this context, dream analysis has no real purpose and that people can thus concentrate their efforts on something more meaningful.