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Diana Nyad keynotes address the critical issue of aging. Most have difficultly accepting the natural...

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Diana Nyad Shows How to Have Passion for Life as One Ages

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: diananyad & youtube
In this personal and insightful keynote by Diana Nyad, a Hall of Fame member for being a record-setting long-distance swimmer, she discusses her difficulty in accepting the fact that she is getting older and discuses how she can't escape the feeling that she squandered many years of her life and didn't accomplish all of her goals.

By opening up to her audience, she reveals that her mother's death made her realize how fleeting time is and that she needed to chase an elevated, extreme dream that she once had to help bring back some meaning into her life and put things into perspective.

For Diana Nyad, this was swimming from Cuba to Florida. In this inspiring discussion she shows her audience how she attempted it and failed and how the grace of defeat has kept her hopes and dreams alive.