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Gerd Leonhard's Future of Business Keynote Explores New Paradigms

 - Jun 2, 2012
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In Gerd Leonhard's future of business keynote, the author discusses the new paradigm that will dominate the future of business, media and communications transactions. He defines past models as ones defined by friction, and those of the future, defined by fluidity.

In today's digitally dominated markets, the movement and sharing of information is fluid for consumers; it is defined as organic, harmonious, smooth, easy, wanted and social -- which is why companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google will continue to dominate. This fluidity is making it easier for people to connect and share the information they want. Friction, as a business model which is characterized by tedious transactions, rules and regulations, is dead.

Leonhard describes today's populations as the people of the screen. As such, these individuals will not accept the same limitations of the book, and business models must adapt if they are to turn a profit.