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Patrick Dixon's Demographic Marketing Speech Shows the Importance of Customers

 - Jun 1, 2012
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Patrick Dixon's demographic marketing speech discusses the new wave of consumers being ushered into the market and the best ways to capture them. As the futurist speaker explains, there are one billion children alive today -- the highest number of children that will ever be alive at once -- and over 750 million of them will be moving from the countryside to urban settings.

Marketers, brands and companies have the opportunity to provide these consumers with a particular lifestyle. Dixon spotlights 'emotion' as the most powerful driving force behind the decisions of these consumers. These consumers care about family, teams,culture and a sense of belonging.

It is imperative for marketers to recognize this massive demographic transition and develop a strong understanding of these consumers' preferences and feelings. Dixon believes that the only effective way to obtain this information is by experiencing emotions from a customer's point of view, and the focus, should be on this enormous group of children.