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Jeremy Gutsche's Marketing Keynote Speech Shares How to Take a Brand Viral

 - Dec 22, 2011
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Jeremy Gutsche's marketing keynote speech offers the most effective and cutting-edge strategies to take a brand's product or a brand's message viral. Gutsche thoroughly explains the most strategic way to tackle the online marketing community and how to portray an unforgettable message amongst consumers.

His marketing keynote speech outlines the best way to package a story, stressing the unparalleled value in relentlessly obsessing about one's message or purpose. Jeremy borrows direct examples from his own experience and strategy as the CEO and founder of to illustrate why an organization that continuously portrays itself as average will fail in achieving anything beyond that. His marketing keynote speech emphasizes the importance in a brand having a very clear and distinguishable goal that continuously serves as the purpose and motivation behind everything it does.