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Atul Gawande Discusses the Amazing Benefits of Checklists

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: gawande & youtube
This informative speech from author, doctor and university professor Atul Gawande reminds society of the power of being organized. Staying focused on the task at hand can often be challenging in today's world thanks to a wide variety of distractions including everything from social media to one's personal life. Gawande provides the audience with some helpful tips in making their own lives more organized and structured.

Atul Gawande discusses the overwhelming benefits of organizational tactics. The checklist was introduced by the U.S Air Force, and enables the simplification of extraordinarily complex tasks. The simplicity involved can be applied to a number of fields. As explained by Gawande, making a list can reduce errors and improve efficiency in every area of life, professional or personal.