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Keith Yamashita Sees New Possibilities in This Business Motivation Keynote

 - Aug 5, 2012
References: sypartners & vimeo
Stuck moments are unavoidable, that's why the leader of SYPartners, Keith Yamashita, delivers this business motivation keynote. After years working with leading corporations, Yamashita shares with audiences how it is often forward-thinking leaders with ambition to try new things who get stuck. This alienating feeling can be problematic, as it prevents people from accomplishing their goals.

One of the first steps in the process of pushing through these stuck periods is identifying that you are actually in one. Yamashita states the next step to getting past moments is talking and collaborating with others. Whether you know them or not, having someone there helps to provide a new perspective and advice.

Finally, in this business motivation keynote, Keith Yamashita imparts some inspiring knowledge when he states that, in order to do something great in life, people need to move past these troubling moments.