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Aaron Sorkin's Time Focused Commencement Speech is a Lovely Goodbye

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: imdb & youtube
Whether we realize it or not time escapes us all, and this is the topic of acclaimed producer Aaron Sorkin's failure as success speech. Aaron Sorkin's commencement speech at Syracuse University in May of 2012 takes a look at how quickly time goes by and challenges the audience to understand the consequences of this. While it is not all bad, often people pass up chances that could have led to major benefits -- something Sorkin explains in great detail with many examples.

Throughout time, every human experiences great loss, pain and hardship, but also success, challenges and perseverance. Sorkin uses his experience with his cocaine addiction and the obstacles he has overcome as a motivation for others to likewise move past impossible hurdles to become the person they need to be to live a good life and reach their full potential. Sorkin's speech hits some hard, personal issues that Sorkin has experienced himself, but that relate to everyone in every stage of life.