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This Stefan Sagmeister Keynote Encourages Taking Time Off

 - May 11, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Stefan Sagmeister Keynote the freelance artist discusses the benefits of taking time off.

Throughout life, people generally spend their first 25 years learning, the next 40 years working and taking the last 15 years to enjoy retirement. By taking five of the 15 years reserved for retirement and dispersing them throughout the 40 or so years of work, individuals are benefiting themselves and their work by generating inspiration and ideas that flow back into their projects and companies.

While one's occupation can be extremely fulfilling and passionate, after an extensive period of time the results can become repetitive and uninspired. By pursuing sabbaticals, entrepreneurs and artists are able to branch out into different areas to find ideas and motivations that can help infuse their work with more vitality and vigor.