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This Chris Mayda Speech Encourages the Restructuring of the Idea of Careers

 - Apr 16, 2012
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In this captivating Chris Mayda speech, the Eastern Michigan University professor of geography explores the current state of the job market, which sees an increasingly low number of employers able to offer pensions and benefits.

Mayda outlines the current non-linear state of careers in America with striking passion and memorable strength. She argues that the American perspective on the working economy is that it exists for one's self to conquer. Currently, the corporate sphere offers a considerable contribution to global social injustices and operate solely for profit, according to Mayda. Mayda says these jobs do not help people, the environment or ecosystems, adding that the employees of said companies are not being fulfilled to their mentally capacity. This ideology makes nature fit into the American model, whereas business should be fitting into the environment.