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Nilofer Merchant Discusses the Potential in Innovative Change

 - Mar 11, 2012
References: nilofermerchant & youtube
With a long and challenging career in an unsatisfying field, Nilofer Merchant took the steps to create change in her life and foster innovative ideas. As the founder and CEO of her own company, Merchant shares her experience in taking risks and rethinking the concept of the real processes of a company. She states boldly that it is in human nature to set barriers to innovation.

To break down these barriers, a company must develop an ideal and creative environment that allows for free thinking, data sharing and cultivating forward-thinking ideas. In creating a space which encourages and insists on the sharing of ideas and thinking, more innovative concepts will settle int he center of the company. Creating a dynamic space also allows for the challenge of embracing creativity to become easier, eliminating fear that is often correlated with change and new ideas.