26 Innovative Product Placements
Photos of 26 Innovative Product Placements (Via: Full Article)

26 Innovative Product Placements Photos

Product Placement: You’ve seen it in movies, you see it on every reality show… but where else? Become aware of it, and you’ll start to notice it everywhere. Take cell phones for example. If you really…[More]


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Textural Dessert Cups

1 Textural Dessert Cups

Rock-and-Roll Fashion Ads

2 Rock-and-Roll Fashion Ads

Educational Jam Boxes

3 Educational Jam Boxes

Rustic Greyscale Fashion Ads

4 Rustic Greyscale Fashion Ads

Dystopian Convention Booths

5 Dystopian Convention Booths

Photographic Straw Campaigns

6 Photographic Straw Campaigns