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Nerdy Trends

Fantasy-Themed Backpacks
Fantasy-Themed Backpacks
Kipling's Star Wars Backpack Collection is Perfect for Kids of All Ages
High-end accessory brand Kipling created a new Star Wars backpack collection just in time for the national Star Wars Day, May the 4th. The range includes bags for all occasions, including... MORE
Professional Gaming Shorts
Professional Gaming Shorts
KontrolFreek's Performance Gaming Wear is for Competitive Gaming
Performance gaming wear might sound like an oxymoron, but with the rise of the professional competitive gaming industry, the advantages that such clothing offer are impossible to ignore. KontrolFreek&... MORE
Retro Arcade Consoles
Retro Arcade Consoles
'Dreamcade Replay' Offers Thousands of Classic Game Titles for Free
The classics never go out of style. From music and fashion to movies and cars, everyone wants to remember a part of their youth. Now there is a new way for gamers of any age to relive the era of... MORE
14 Geeky BB-8 Creations
14 Geeky BB-8 Creations
From Gilded Sci-Fi Droids to Spinning Droid Heels
With the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, many BB-8 creations have been produced since the announcement of the film. While fashion-forward women can strut their stuff in a pair of DIY... MORE
Adult Coloring Sets
Adult Coloring Sets
Crayola's Color Escape Collection is Catered Specifically to Grown-Up Drawers
While Crayola primary creates artistic and stationary products geared towards the imagination of children, the brand is coming out with a new collection dubbed Color Escapes that features coloring... MORE
Sci-Fi Can Coolers
Sci-Fi Can Coolers
The Chewbacca Can Cooler is How Star Wars Fans Chill Their Beverages
You can now chill your drinks in sci-fi style with the Chewbacca Can Cooler. This fuzzy cooling accessory is inspired by Star Wars’ legendary Wookie warrior. Retailed on the ThinkGeek website,... MORE
Intergalactic Duvet Covers
Intergalactic Duvet Covers
These Clever Star Wars Duvet Covers Give Users an Alternate Body
The creative company ‘Snurk’ recently unveiled its latest line of bedding, which includes these amazing Star Wars duvet covers. Snurk created two Star Wars duvet covers that represent... MORE
Compact Brewing Systems
Compact Brewing Systems
The 'Minibrew' Lets You Easily Brew Beer with a Hands-Off Approach
This compact brewing appliance is small enough to fit on a countertop and makes brewing beer both easy and accessible. The ‘Minibrew’ is a compact brewing system capable of making over... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in February
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in February
From Transformative Baby Carriers to Multidimentional Cards
The list of February 2019 lifestyle trends brings value to those of any age, bringing elevated levels of convenience and function to day-to-day experiences. A great example this month is a product... MORE
Hidden Magnetic Knife Blocks
Hidden Magnetic Knife Blocks
The Drop Block Knife Storage Drawer is Installed Underneath Cabinets
The size of the average kitchen is changing, so new innovations that make use of previously unused space like the Drop Block Knife Storage Drawer are coming about. Designed with a hinge system that... MORE
Futuristic Marine Aircrafts
Futuristic Marine Aircrafts
The 'Airfish 8' Craft Zooms Just Above the Surface Of the Water
A Singaporean company by the name of Wigetworks is looking to literally elevate the aircraft market with the introduction of the Airfish 8, a high-tech marine aircraft that promises the ability to... MORE
play_circle_filled Gamer Smart Home Controllers
Gamer Smart Home Controllers
The Zelda Home Automation System is Controlled by N64 Songs
You have to be both a hardcore gamer and pretty tech-savvy if you want to imitate Allen Pan’s Zelda home automation system. Put simply, the complex setup is Raspberry Pi-based (a tiny and... MORE
Fraud-Preventing AI Systems
Fraud-Preventing AI Systems
'Fraugster' Uses AI to Eliminate Payment Fraud
Fraugster is a German and Israeli start-up that aims to provide more financial security and confidence for businesses that deal with digital payments. In today’s economy, virtually all... MORE
Full-Scale Mobile Games
Full-Scale Mobile Games
Sony's 'ForwardWorks' Studio Produces Video Games for Mobile Devices
For the most part, mobile video games are cute and casual apps that require little focus, but Sony’s new video game studio, ‘ForwardWorks,’ is devoted to changing that style.... MORE
Top 35 Commercials Trends in July
Top 35 Commercials Trends in July
From Sporty Feminine Hygiene Ads to Comedic Food Documentaries
These July 2016 commercials range from romantic cat food adds to humorous fast food documentaries that chronicle a fictional Burger King Whopper blackout. In addition to humorous ad campaigns like... MORE
Illustrated Mineral Water Branding
Illustrated Mineral Water Branding
Nongfu Spring Mineral Water Features Fairytale-Themed Labels
Nongfu’s mineral water branding draws inspiration from old world fables and fairytales and is conceived by the UK-based design agency Horse. Collaborating with Horse’s creative team and... MORE
Battery-Free Computers
Battery-Free Computers
Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform Sucks Power Out of Thin Air
Technology continues to advance at a startling rate and yet some key components are still stuck in the dark ages—or at least feels as though they are. Once such component involves batteries,... MORE
play_circle_filled Historic Figure Combat Games
Historic Figure Combat Games
The 'War of Currents' Game Pits Thomas Edison Against Nikola Tesla
Video game developer Real Art recently unveiled a brand new combat game that features a couple of history’s most iconic figures. Titled ‘War of Currents,’ this arcade-style game... MORE
play_circle_filled Video Game Paper Murals
Video Game Paper Murals
This Super Mario-Themed Mural Was Made Using Thousands of Post-it Notes
Mario is nothing new to the video game and pop culture realm.  Since his creation in 1983, Mario has kept himself very busy—from saving the princess, racing and even throwing a party for... MORE
play_circle_filled Intergalactic Parkour Routines
Intergalactic Parkour Routines
This Parkour Battle Pays Tribute to the Seventh Star Wars Film
In an honorable tribute to the upcoming Star Wars film, this parkour battle features light sabers and impeccable athletic moves. The act of parkour is a street-styled dance that incorporates jumps,... MORE
Connected Indoor Gardens
Connected Indoor Gardens
The Miracle-Gro Bounty Elite AeroGarden Digitizes the Act of Gardening
While concern for fresh foods rise, consumers are looking for new ways to keep produce on-hand, so the Miracle-Gro Bounty Elite AeroGarden is designed to offer streamlined gardening functionality.... MORE
Sci-Fi Fandom Towels
Sci-Fi Fandom Towels
These Star Wars Products Keep Super Fans Out of the Sand in Style
These dramatic beach towels are just the latest installment in a huge range of Star Wars products inspired by the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film. Previous versions of Star Wars beach... MORE
Charitable Sci-Fi Couture
Charitable Sci-Fi Couture
The Force 4 Fashion Event Fuses Fashion and Science Fiction for Good
Just ahead of the latest Star Wars film, Disney Consumer Products and Bloomingdale’s have teamed together for the Force 4 Fashion fundraising initiative. This charitable sci-fi event will be... MORE
Geeky Droid Teapots
Geeky Droid Teapots
The R2-D2 Ceramic Teapot is Inspired by the Legendary Star Wars Robot
R2-D2 is the iconic Star Wars robot most often recognized for his white and blue color palette. Now sci-fi fans can incorporate the beloved droid into their teatime with this geeky ceramic teapot.... MORE