The Zero FX Features a Modular Battery for Prolonged Adventures

 - Jul 20, 2018
References: zeromotorcycles & engadget
Electric motorcycles often lack the appeal of electric cars, thanks to the outstanding mileage gas-powered bikes get, but the Zero FX makes a strong case for electric motorcycles thanks to a modular battery. This unique battery system allows riders to continue long bike journeys as long as they keep an extra battery on hand. The basic version of the bike comes in at 7.2kWh, which actually uses two 3.6kWh modular battery packs. The bike can run on a single 3.6kWh battery pack but with both installed, the Zero FX is capable of 78 foot-pounds of torque and 48 horsepower.

When riding the bike, riders can choose between three modes: Eco, Sport and Custom. Eco may sound like a fairly slow mode, but it is only marginally slower than Sport, thanks to a large amount of torque.