ZCB Bamboo Pavilion in Hong Kong is Designed to Host Events

 - Nov 22, 2016
References: arch.cuhk.edu.hk & dezeen
Bamboo is one of the oldest traditional building materials in its native regions of east Asia, but the architects behind the ZCB Bamboo Pavilion used that material to create a distinctly modern structure. Built by architecture students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, ZCB Bamboo Pavilion's organic, curved archways and translucent fabric make it an excellent venue for hosting events, exhibitions, and performances.

The choice of building ZCB Bamboo Pavilion with bamboo is more than an aesthetic one. The structure was built to accompany a zero-carbon building for the Construction Industry Council, with the pavilion itself adhering to those same principles.

ZCB Bamboo Pavilion was built with digital modelling, creating the distinctive pattern of diagonally intersecting poles that form the canopy's shape.