The Kracklin' Kamut Wheat Snack Offers Tempting Flavors and Textures

Kracklin' Kamut is an absolutely delicious and nutritious Khorasan toasted wheat snack, offered up by Kamut International, that brings together the health benefits of organic snacking with the delicious flavor and tempting texture you'd expect from a tasty snack.

These toasted wheat snacks are made using big kernels of Kamut brand grain along with completely natural and fully organic hi-oleic safflower oil grown and pressed on the famous Quinn farms and sea salt procured from Utah. The kernels are then thoroughly boiled before being roasted up to a temperature of around 178 degrees Celsius, at which point they are lightly seasoned. The Kamut used in this snack offers 30% more protein content than regular, modern wheat.

The end result is a toasted wheat snack that makes a wonderful crackling sound as you bite into it and makes for a delicious, guilt-free snack.