This Unusual Vegetable Snack is Made with Nutmeg-Seasoned Sunchokes

 - May 14, 2015
References: produceonparade
Produce on Parade created a versatile vegetable snack using a sunchoke—a plant that's also known as a sunroot, earth apple, topinambour or a Jerusalem artichoke. The roasted snack looks to be a lot like a potato chip once it's been dried out in the oven, although the taste is said to be a lot sweeter and nuttier. This is further enhanced with the use of nutmeg as a seasoning for the chips, which Produce on Parade suggests as a healthy and warming winter snack.

Other essentials in this roasted sunroot recipe are olive oil and sea salt, which are fairly standard to homemade vegetable chip recipes. Since the finished result looks so much like a potato chip, it's a great way to trick yourself and others into healthy snacking.