Ocean Hugger Foods' Vegan Sushi Replicates Fish with a Vegetable

 - Sep 16, 2017
References: oceanhuggerfoods & vegnews
'Ahimi' from Ocean Hugger Foods is a vegan sushi alternative that is described as "a healthy, safe, raw Ahi without the tuna." Although the product seems to have the same look and texture as tuna, it is actually made from tomatoes and a few other ingredients to give it a savory, meat-like flavor.

Ocean Hugger's tomato-based Ahimi tuna is set to be available to consumers in the sushi cases at the Whole Foods Markets in Los Angeles and New York.

With the rise in plant-based eating, many consumers are becoming more open-minded about trying simple substitutes for meat powered by vegetables. Although there has been a lot of innovation within the creation of mock chicken, beef and pork products over the past few years, many leading vegan food brands are now aiming to perfect seafood substitutes.