Vaka Valo Draws Lucid Environments

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: vakavalo & visualnews
Part domestic, part sublime and utterly bizarre, these illustrations from Vaka Valo's series 'Dream Diary' depict individuals whose dream-inspired reality has seeped into and tainted their household environment.

These drawings feature white characters within soft pink and blue-colored backgrounds. The realism of the characters and the docile nature of their surroundings creates an initial impression of comfort that then becomes threatened when noticing the menacing and morbid events taking place.

The juxtaposition between napping individuals and surreal occurrences works to establish an existence in which one's dream-like state has seeped into and contaminated what might otherwise be a normal reality. Dreams have a tendency to use imagery and emotions that are kept buried within the subconscious, and these illustrations are a great example of that blur between the alert and reverie.