Sonic's New Ad Teases the Company's Own 'Two Guys' Campaign

 - Mar 7, 2018
References: qsrmagazine
Sonic's Two Guys campaign has been one of the company's signatures for the past decade, but with all that screen time for the ubiquitous pair of hapless dudes, the drive-in QSR has still managed to mine a fresh take. Thanks to the comedic touch of Jane Krakowski and Ellie Kemper, two stars from the Netflix series 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt', Sonic pokes some fun at its two guys while showing off its latest summer deal.

In the ad, Krakowski and Kemper play characters seemingly akin to their roles on Kimmy, with Krakowski as a fame-obsessed socialite and Kemper as a wide-eyed naif. The two comment on Sonic's new summer deal attracting celebrities from far and wide, and Kemper notices the two guys (comedians Peter Grosz and T.J. Jagodowski). But Krakowski asks what those two are even famous for, to which Kemper replies "I think for eating here all the time", leaving the stage open for the two stooges to clown around before the ad finishes.