This Cup Uses Turkish Glass for the Best Whiskey Aroma and Taste

 - Nov 1, 2015
References: cardinalspirits & coolmaterial
With its Turkish glass design, Cardinal Spirits is touting the 'Blasadh' cup design as being the perfect drinking vessel for enjoying whiskey.

Also marketed as the 'Perfect Whiskey Glass,' this cup design was conceived by David Hill, who spent years researching in Scotland with different Scotch distillers to find a whiskey glass that best expresses both the taste and nose of the complex spirit. The end result was this cup based on a Turkish glass design that uses its shape to let alcohol vapor that would limit the spirit's smell to escape, while the aroma vapors actually travel upwards and inwards.

With this clever design, there is no need for both a "nosing" glass to smell the whiskey, and a "tasting" glass to pick up the subtle flavors in a spirit. The all-in-one design of this whiskey glass combines both convenience with functionality in an elegant design.