This Levi's x Medicom Bearbrick Wears All-Over Acid-Wash Jeans

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: & hypebeast
Just in time for the holiday season, MediCom has collaborated with Levi's to release one of its signature toy bears clothed in a denim onesie.

Japanese toy company MediCom's Bearbricks are block-like toy bears with nine inter-connected movable parts. The toy bears have become iconic; in styling collaborations they've been dressed up as celebrities like Andy Warhol and Daft Punk and classic characters like Mickey Mouse.

In its latest designer collaboration, MediCom and Levi's have teamed up to create a denim Bearbricks. The 100% size toy bear is a simple plastic version, colored light blue to mimic Levi's denim. The 1000% size is covered in an all-over layer of real Levi's acid-wash denim. Both toy bears display Levi's style details like the logo, red tag, gold stitching and V-shaped pocket patch.