The Titan Eyeplus in Bangalore Feature a Sharp and Vibrant Interior

 - Feb 16, 2017
In an effort to make the process of shopping for eyewear more fun and less clinical, the eyewear brand Titan Eyeplus enlisted the help of the design firm Foley Designs for its newest store in Bangalore, India.

The Titan Eyeplus store in Bangalore was designed to reinvent the eyewear shopping experience for the modern consumer. Instead of clinical displays, the shop featured a vibrant interior punctuated by hints of bright blue and white. The interior also featured an open-concept design with sharp edges that helped to help break up the space. The different elements ultimately came together to ensure that every touch point led the customer through a carefully choreographed shopping experience.

The Titan Eyeplus store demonstrates how playing attention to details such as layout and interior design can make everyday accessories such as a glasses feel fresh and exciting.