Artist Thoka Maer Addresses the Trials and Tribulations of Daily Life

 - Nov 9, 2012
References: thokamaer & visualnews
Thoka Maer, which is the moniker for freelance illustrator and animator Lisette Berndt, has created a series of satirical animated gifs that will amuse even the most serious individual. Addressing the trials and tribulations of daily life (hashtag first world problems), Thoka Maer illustrations span over a range of mundane issues from the difficulties of eating with chopsticks to constantly dropping items while also touching on more controversial topics including the Occupy Movement and pornography.

Entertaining and clever, Thoka Maer's lo-fi animated gifs were created using colored pencils. The artworks are accompanied by a poem written by Thoka Maer: "It’s no biggie / is satire, / is entertainment, / is you, / is me, / is annoyment, / is life, / is endlessness, / is here and there."