The Internet Has The Power To Reveal Sins

 - Mar 9, 2007
References: wired
Despite the fact that most Internet activities can be tracked in one way or another, people are driven to use the web, no matter how revealing it can be. Many people claim to be shocked by the proliferation of pornography available on the Internet and the infidelity that takes place in cyberspace.

However, it may not be the occurence that they are really shocked at, but more the publicizing of information and behaviours that they want kept secret and private and out of the public eye. How can one keep up a facade of propriety when their online actions speak volumes to the contrary? When their dirty secrets and adulterous philanderings are screaming otherwise?

Is it the fact that pornography and adultery and sexual deviations are so widely available that is alarming certain ones? Are they REALLY worried about the children OR is it more a matter of self preservation and a fear of their own sins being exposed that's driving this outcry?