The Cereal Box, Inc. Serves More Than 50 Types of Cereal

 - Dec 22, 2017
References: facebook & delish
While restaurants serving up cereal is nothing new, The Cereal Box, Inc. in Denver, Colorado, is putting a whole new spin on the beloved breakfast food. As stated on the cafe's website, "It’s a place where you can build your dream bowl and binge watch Saturday morning cartoons, even if it’s a Tuesday afternoon."

The Cereal Box, Inc. is a cafe that specializes in customizable cereal creations. The cafe boasts more than 50 types of cereal, which diners can combine to create an infinite number of combinations. There are also a variety of milks and toppings that can be added to create the ultimate breakfast bowl. For those looking to take their meal to the next level, the cafe also serves up other sweet treats such as cereal hot chocolate, cereal-infused milkshakes, and Pop-Tart ice cream sandwiches.