'The Acorn' in Vancouver Features a Dish Made with the Roots of a Leek

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: instagram & vegnews
'The Acorn' is an eatery in Vancouver, British Columbia that serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan fare with an emphasis on using all parts of the plant in cooking as possible. One of the best examples of this is a dish that features rhubarb-glazed charred pak choi, wild leek tops and roots that are served in a matching wild leek sauce. Chef Rob Clarke describes that the wild leek roots are comparable to fried garlic and adds a nutty onion flavor when used as a garnish.

Since there is now a lot of talk about food waste, many creative chefs are making an attempt to incorporate parts of fruits and vegetables that normally end up in the compost as the selling point of a meal.