Tesco Value Packaging is Plainly Quantitative

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: ruth-pearson & packagingoftheworld
There is more to labeling than what might initially meet the eye, and for all of the strategies companies chose to promote their products, Tesco Value packaging strives for a single one.

Clarity is often the best way to win consumers over during the nanosecond when their gaze scans the grocery store shelf. But bright colors and illustrations are not found in this concept by Ruth Pearson, for a minimalistic aesthetic was chosen for this range of canned foods. The defining feature of this product has a real quantitative rather than an imagined value, often invented through stimulating graphic design.

Tesco Value packaging contains a great deal more in each tin compared to competitors that charge the same price. Therefore, the stark white stickers simply indicate the percentage of bonus beans one gets when buying from this company.