Stella Artois Switches to Isabella Artois for Empowerment

 - Apr 2, 2019
References: youtube & designtaxi
'Isabella Artois' is the temporary brand status of beloved beer label Stella Artois.

The publicity stunt is executed in collaboration with advertising firm CP+B Brazil and it is meant to honor women. The empowering campaign is deeply rooted in the brewer's history, enticing individuals to further familiarize themselves with Stella Artois — a fine way to gain consumer's loyalty, as well.

In 1726, Isabella Artois took over the CEO position after her husband passed away. She was faced with great challenges but persisted and played a huge part in the development and maturing of the label. As the focus of the temporary branding initative, the campaign is deeply concerned with "recognizing notable women all over the world" and paying homeage to their efforts.

The temporary brand identity is observable from Stella Artois' social media channels and through a short video.