Apsara's Tamarind Dressing Works as a Marinade, Dip and Spread

 - Mar 10, 2016
References: apsarafoods
While Apsara's tamarind sauce is branded as a Salad Dressing, this sweet and sour sauce can be used as more than just a salad topping. The versatile sauce takes inspiration from a traditional Cambodian tamarind dipping sauce's flavor, color and texture. The sauce is ideal for use as a grilled meat marinade, spring roll dipping sauce, spread over bread or even an addition to cooked seafood meals.

Tamarind is an ingredient that's a staple in Indian, Southeast Asian and West Indian cuisine that's becoming more prevalent in globally inspired zesty, sour meals and products that are designed to wake up the taste buds.

In the style of its Tamarind Salad Dressing, Apsara's also makes a Lemongrass and Southeast Asian sauce, as well as pastes that experiment with these same flavors.