The 'Talking Window' Privately Advertises to Unsuspecting Travellers

 - Jul 2, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
Conducting sound through glass, ad agency BBDO came up with a way to discretely advertise to train passengers with their Talking Window. Since tired train passengers regularly rest their heads on windows, the Talking Window is able communicate privately through bone conduction technology. High frequency vibrations sent through the glass lets you hear a message just by touching the window. As a result, the window is beaming a voice to your head that no one else can hear.

The Talking Window was used to advertise on-demand television service Sky GO. Passengers who rested their head on a window received a message that encouraged them to "Get Sky Go for your mobile." Though possibly infuriating to passengers who are attempting to rest, the novelty of the medium more than makes up for it.