Laird Superfood Launched Non-Dairy Single-Serve 'Go-Packs'

 - May 28, 2018
References: lairdsuperfood & lairdsuperfood
Laird Superfood launched a collection of 'Go-Packs' that cater to the consumer who wants to easily optimize their on-the-go drinking experience with a nourishing Superfood Creamer.

The Superfood Creamer is offered in both unsweetened and original, which is sweetened with dried organic coconut nectar. Coconut milk powder forms the base of the non-dairy coffee creamers, alongside calcium-rich Aquamin, which is derived from 100% red marine algae, and organic extra virgin coconut oil as a healthy source of fats. These single-serve creamer sachets may be added to a variety of beverages—including coffee, tea, smoothies and cocoa—and do not clump, as there are no additives in their clean, minimal-ingredient formulas.

The Go-Packs from Laird Superfood also include other healthy, conveniently packaged products like Organic Coconut Sugar and the all-natural hydration blend HYDRATE.