The Stop the Traffik Publicity Stunt Illuminates Human Trading Rings

 - Apr 6, 2012
References: duvalguillaume & youtube
Created by Duval Guillaume Modem, the Stop The Traffik publicity stunt aims to call attention to the human trading rings that exist in the Netherlands and how many women are currently being promised the career of their dreams -- only to be bought and sold like pieces of meat.

The stunt saw women posing as dancers, luring clientele in through the windows. To onlookers, the women dancing in the windowed store-front didn't seem out of the ordinary as Amersterdam's Red Light District is infamous for sex, drugs and other illicit activity; where prostitution is a legal and regulated practice. However, the show was over when the dancing and music ended and a giant virtual billboard over-head cited that many of the women in the neighborhood are often there against their will.

Stop The Traffik's campaign is geared toward changing perceptions of the sex-trade industry and to protect human beings from being treated like products.