Worklounge 03's 'Step House' is Oriented Toward the Sun

 - May 11, 2018
References: archdaily
Even ancient architects were knowledgeable enough to recognize that they could orient their buildings in direct relation to the movements of the sun, but Worklounge 03's 'Step House' takes that solar layout to the extreme. The home has a dramatic, gravity-defy series of steps (hence the name) that maximize the amount of sunlight its gardens receive every day.

Steppes are a common agricultural technique. The angled layout allows for a perfect confluence of crops-to-sunlight, provided that the direct of the steppes is carefully tailored. Worklounge 03 did detailed research in finding that angle for Step House, and the home's garden yield proves it.

Not only are the steppes practical, but they also create a striking aesthetic for the home. Each of the stories cantilevers out over the last, making it feel as though it's constantly on the brink of toppling over.

Image Credit: Hiroyuki Oki