The Starbucks Tea Boxes by Marie Valencia is Cost-Effective and Eco

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
This cafe might be known more for its coffee, but if these Starbucks Tea Boxes ever saw the light of day, they could very well change that fact. At first glance, they look like luxury chocolate bars, but upon closer inspection the decadent boxes are simply designed that way to give them a sense of high quality.

Conceived by Marie Valencia for a student project at the Daedalus school based in Auckland, New Zealand, the Starbucks Tea Boxes addresses a few stipulations. It was made to be more cost-effective and environmentally conscious, not just visually appealing. Valencia shares, "To answer this, I used corrugated cardboard to replace metal, plastic and other material excesses. This employs creative folding, scoring and etching techniques to showcase the final design solution. Sealing wax and organic cotton threads further support an environmental conscious outcome."