Starbucks 'Evening Day-Part' Concepts Offer Wine, Beer & More

Now, in addition to coffee and small snacks, you'll be able to enjoy wine, beer and premium foods at new Starbucks 'evening day-part' locations. The Starbucks 'evening day-part' concepts -- "day-part" refers to the time between the mid-afternoon coffee rush and the evening -- first began trials in Seattle and Portland, but they will now be expanding into Chicago, Atlanta and Southern California.

The Starbucks 'evening day-part' locations will offer customers wine and beer selected to "reflect local customer tastes and preferences," says the brand's press release. The stores will also serve premium food such as savory snacks, hot flatbread and small plates.

After receiving feedback from customers looking for more ways to relax in Starbucks stores in the evenings, the brand hopes that its new concept stores will appeal to those who want to unwind after work, enjoy a glass of wine and connect with their loved ones.