St. Erik's Brewery's Potato Chips Come in Boxes of Five

 - Oct 18, 2016
References: & luxurylaunches
St. Erik's Brewery is a Swedish brewer that specializes in India Pale Ale, so one might not expect the company to jump into the potato chip industry. But St. Erik's Brewery's potato chips are not ordinary junk food; the chips are billed as "the world's most expensive potato chips" according to the St. Erik's website, and, at $56 US for a box of five -- or just over $11 for a single crisp -- they almost surely are.

The chips' luxury comes from their unique ingredients. Each of the five chips in the box has a special flavor derived from a rare and expensive ingredient. These include matsutake mushrooms foraged from northern Swedish pine forests, truffle seaweed from the waters of the Faroe Islands, crown dill hand-picked from the Bjarne Peninsula, Leksand onion from the Swedish town of the same name, and the India pale ale wort that St. Erik's Brewery uses for its beer.