Meat Box Delivery Service Field & Flower Offers an Extensive 'Pork Box'

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: fieldandflower
Meat delivery service Field & Flower offers an assortment of small, medium, large and weekly meat boxes, as well as a few one-off boxes like 'The Pork Box.' The Pork Box includes a huge amount of pork products, including chops, mince, bacon and steaks—just to name a few. To indicate the amount of food that's included in this box, of the 17 different item types listed, there's a family-sized pack of gluten-free sausages, as well as enough pork shoulder and belly to serve between five to seven people on separate occasions.

This box is filled with fresh pork that's stored in recyclable temperature-controlled boxes that identifies the name of the farm that produced the meat, the breed of the animal, as well as kill and butcher dates.

Other one-off meat boxes from Field & Flower include The Olympic Box, The Luxury BBQ Box and The Healthy Grilling Box, as well as ones that also focus on single types of meat like beef and lamb.