Divella's Noodles Have Turmeric as a Beneficial Addition

This year, Divella introduced consumers to an all-new pasta product: Turmeric Spaghetti.

The healthy spice is a known antioxidant that also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer properties. As an addition to one of Italy's favorite food products, turmeric transforms the versatile pasta noodles into a nourishing base for a meal. The Turmeric Spaghetti does not require any special or specific sauces, and as the brand describes, this "means that it’s easy to prepare for non-Italian consumers."

Alongside its Turmeric Pasta, Divella also makes a variety of options infused with vegetables, herbs and spices, including everything from Chili Pepper Penne to Basil and Garlic Linguine. As well as seeking out products like pasta that are enriched with vegetables, many health-conscious consumers are exploring alternative noodles that are made with a base of pulses instead.