1 Girl 2ManyDJs in the Soulwax 'Machine' Video

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: 2manydjs & idtc.fr
Director Saam Farahmand has "taken the history of rock, melted it into one hot babe and pooped it into the world," as one internaut aptly summed up describing the latest Soulwax 'Machine' video.

The Belgian electro duo, also known as 2manyDjs, are known to get excited about combining their banger beats with captivating visuals. This titillating video was "inspired to create a unique interpretation of the ethos behind the project (Radio Soulwax)," according to Soulwax.

The Soulwax 'Machine' video exploits the naked female form as a cold and mechanical means of production. Get slightly disturbed, yet totally fascinated as she takes periodic heavy gulps of music like cow on fodder and later execrates it out as sexy Soulwax work. Regarding the female form as the medium, Farahmand has no qualms taking a dark wink to traditional marketing dogma that the (female) sex sells. Check out the video here.