This Design by SoftWheel is Inspired by Shock-Absorbing Wheelchairs

 - May 8, 2014
References: & gizmag
Israeli company SoftWheel will soon be launching the 'Fluent wheel,' a bicycle wheel equipped with shock-absorbing technology. The Fluent wheel borrows its design from a shock-absorbing wheelchair suspension system invented by Israeli farmer Gilad Wolf after he broke his pelvis. Wolf is now a board member of SoftWheel.

The fluent wheel is equipped with cylindrical shock absorbers that extend from the hub to the rim in place of regular spokes. The shock-absorbers remain rigid over smooth surfaces, but compress when the wheels take big hits. When the wheel takes a hit, its hub briefly moves down within the wheel and absorbs the jarring energy, preventing it from being transmitted to the rider.

SoftWheel hasn't yet revealed when the Fluent wheel will be made available, although it is said to be compatible with a wide variety of bicycles.