Learn What Not to Do from This List of 2013 Social Media Fails

Search Engine Journal put together a list of top five social media fails from 2013. As much as it’s important to learn how to best use social networking sites, it’s also valuable to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the same blunders. We are all human and mistakes are bound to happen from time to time, but they can be costly — sometimes enough for someone to lose their job or cause a company to lose customers and money. To avoid blunders like these, at the end of each example, Search Engine Journal provides a lesson that can be learned from each misstep.

The list of five social media fails includes lessons like: be sparing with automated tweets, always double check what you’re sending out and have secure passwords. The offenders on this list are well-known companies with huge followings on social media, but the same principles apply for individuals and small businesses.