This Video Questions LGBT Support at the Sochi 2014 Games

 - Feb 7, 2014
The Sochi 2014 Games are just about ready to get started and as international reporters are arriving in Russia, they are being met with totally unfit accommodations. This is only adding to the controversies surrounding this year’s Olympic host country, with one of the biggest issues remaining its anti-LGBT law. But the heat isn’t all on Russia, as many people are also pointing fingers at companies that are sponsoring the Olympics in Sochi.

Queer Nation NY is group dedicated to putting an end to discrimination, violence and repression of the LGBT community and in response to the upcoming games, it created a video to show the conflicting messages some sponsors are putting out. The video mashes up footage of LGBT activists being tackled by law enforcement with a cheerful vintage commercial from Coca-Cola with footage of people singing about love and teaching the word to live in harmony.